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Our goal is to not just to offer "programs" but to encourage you to live God's best life for you!

Riverside is a home, a family, and an opportunity to express the love of God by building relationships and impacting lives!

PowerKids - Ages 4-12

Powerkids is an exciting friendly program for 4-12 year olds which runs during the morning service. The program is built on learning bible principles and enjoying activities, music, games and fun.  The kids love it!

The fantastic team all carry blue cards through the CCYPCG.

Fusion Youth

Fusion Youth is run on a Friday night from 6.30 – 8:30pm for youth in grades 6 to 12. For a donation of $5, young people have a great night including a light snack.

Fusion has games, special events and connect groups within their program. They also have an annual camp where they connect with each other and God.  


All leaders hold Blue Cards through CCYPCG.

Follow Fusion - Riverside Youth on Facebook.

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Young Adults

Riverside Young Adults is a program building the lives of our future leaders. Through social events and connect groups, our young adults are building the skills to take on the world!

Riverside Women

Women have great value to God and He has instilled in them the capacity to impact the world. Our hope is to inspire and equip all women to go to a new level in all that God has for them. 

Regular events are held throughout the year including the Flourish Conference (March) and Flourish Retreat (October).

Riverside Men

Riverside Men gather around BBQ’s, golf and other activities including Men’s conferences to connect with each other socially.

Connect Groups

Connect groups meet during the week for connection, prayer and discussion of God’s Word.

They run on week nights in homes across the Western Suburbs and there is also an online facebook connect group.

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Riverside Church supports several people and organisations around the world; including Mission and Community works in Africa as well as a children’s centre in the Philippines. We are involved in building and resourcing schools in PNG and supporting local Chaplaincy. We also support local Pastors involved in training Leaders around the globe.

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